Race Policies

Policies and Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with our race policies for the Jakku Market Virtual Kessel Run Marathon before hitting the road.


  • Entry fees for the Jakku Market Virtual Kessel Run Marathon are non-refundable and include a separate processing fee.
  • Jakku Market reserves the right to refuse the entry into, and/or revoke any registration for, any race for any reason in its sole discretion with refund of any applicable registration fees being the sole remedy of any such refusal and/or revocation.
  • All races are non-transferable between individuals, between event weekends and to events that have reached capacity/sold out.


Participants for the Jakku Market Virtual Kessel Run Marathon must be 14 years of age or older.

Virtual Race Times

Runners will be invited to the challenge via the Nike Run Club app for Android and iOS. Runners must have access to this application in order to participate. This will be the only option to have your times and distance logged. Once you have completed your marathon, hang tight! We’ll send you information on how to access our Finisher’s website for you to get your certificate!


Rewards will begin processing at the conclusion of the event. All participants who have unlocked a reward will receive their rewards after the event ends. See Run Unlocks. Rewards will be shipped to the shipping address provided on your registration form. International shipping charges may apply.

Participants with the Top 3 run times will receive a trophy. See Rewards.

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