Doctor Aphra

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It’s a Hoth Heist in Doctor Aphra #1 – Exclusive

You’d have to be crazy to go to Hoth after the Empire’s arrival. Or you’d have to be Doctor Aphra. In’s exclusive preview of Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #1, set after the events of Star Wars: The Empire [...]

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‘You Never Know What’s Going to Happen’: Alyssa Wong on Her Upcoming Doctor Aphra Series – Exclusive

In Star Wars, there are heroes like Jedi and rebel princesses. There are villains like Sith and slimy crimelords. And then there’s Doctor Aphra. She’s found herself on the side of freedom one moment and saving the [...]

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Aphra Captured in Doctor Aphra #39! – Exclusive

She’s survived Darth Vader and murder droids. But Aphra may finally be out of luck. Doctor Aphra #38, coming November 27 from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Caspar Wijngaard, continues the “Destination: Hoth” storyline and finds the [...]

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Meet Aphra’s Dad in Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Issue #38 – Exclusive

Doctor Aphra is many things. Morally corrupt archaeologist. Friend to eccentric murder droids. Little…Boop? This week, we get a first look at Star Wars: Doctor Aphra issue #38 and a glimpse into Aphra’s past when her [...]

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Rey and Rose Chase a Saboteur in Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — Allegiance #4 – Exclusive

Using the Force isn’t just about lifting rocks. Sometimes it’s also handy for protecting key members of the Resistance from fiery doom. In Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — Allegiance #4, the latest and final [...]

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