Community Update #1

Hello Team!

As you all know, we are working on changing the way we run earned commission on Jakku Market. We will still be giving our designers the high commission rates agreed on, but we will no longer be manually sending you your money. Instead, commission will be sent out every Friday evening. You can, however, request to have your commission paid out sooner. This will come with an additional 3.5% charge. I will now be sharing with you every update we do, right from your own personal team page. Below you will see all of the most recent changes.

  • Created personal team member pages
  • Added automatic commission payout
  • Added option to request early payout
  • Added member information
  • Added member products that are currently for sale
  • Added option to submit new products without having to send an email
  • Added option to allow members to suggest their own price
  • Added Community Updates section
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